Client Testimonials:


For years I have been very unhappy with my hair. I always had to wear it up because of how frizy and curly it was. Only for special occasions would I spend the time to straighten my hair and it would take hours and then be gone the next time I washed my hair. Now, after getting the Yuko Japanese Straightening with Lucy I can wash and let my hair dry naturally and it is straight with no frizz! I am so happy with the permanent improvement in the texture, quality, and shine of my hair with absolutely no hassle or work at all! Lucy is an experienced and wonderful stylist who takes the time to do a great job - I would recommend her to anyone.
- Christine Ishikane


I thought I had to follow my hairstylist to Texas when she relocated until I was referred to Lucy by a friend.  I love Lucy’s enthusiasm and undivided attention when she cuts my hair.  When I told her I only want to spend 15 minutes everyday on my hair, she approached it in a caring fashion that I achieve to look my best every morning with minimum effort.  She takes the time to thoroughly educate me on how to style it the easiest way possible with my limited time and ability to look my best every morning. I highly recommend Lucy to anyone.
- Ame Anderson


In Lucy's hands, my hair goes from frizzy, lifeless afro to straight smooth hair. The transformation is amazing! But it is not just her talent for styling - my hair has improved from being dry and damaged to healthy, full bodied hair because of the products that Lucy uses.
- Naina L.

Each time I see Lucy, I leave the salon feeling so taken care of! She does my hair color, highlights, and pointed haircut absolutely perfect. Lucy has an uncanny way to make her client feel she truly loves to take care of us. She is fully open to listening to her customer's request like the true professional that she is. She will also make suggestions and provide explanations that are very worth trying. The results are beyond the customer's wildest dreams. Friends and even strangers I meet often inquire about where and who does my hair. I never hesitate to recommend Lucy, she is definitely "the best of the best."
- Lise W